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Meet Trish

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My career destiny was clear from the pleasure and fulfillment I derived from taking my first needlepoint stitches as a young child.  Coming from many generations of creative family members, I had an innate love for the arts and handcrafts, and through my mother's loving influence began designing and stitching my own needlepoint canvases during elementary school.

As a teenager I started doing custom painting and stitching for others, while experiencing my first "real job" working at Nantucket West a needlepoint store - (of course!)

I remained at Nantucket while attending high school and the University of California at Irvine , where in my sophomore year, I met and married Mr. Very Right.  At this time I began designing a line of hand-painted canvases, painting every canvas everafter.  (Talk about quality control!)

My husband Brooke, sons Halden & Everett and I adore life in the lovely rolling foothills of the Smokies in east Tennessee.  We love being outdoors and are inspired by nature and the seasonal cycles.  We cherish times spent with our family, friends, and church.

Something magical and peaceful happens when one is able to bring pleasure to others through the gifts and talents endowed them by their creator.  I am grateful for the opportunity to share that joy with you!

Happy Stitching